HDPE rør til vandforsyning Dn32


Basic Info

  • Forbindelsesmateriale: HDPE

  • Installation og tilslutning: Installation af hot melt-type

  • Stålskelet PE Pipe Anvendelse: Vandforsyning

  • Specification: dn32

  • HS Code: 39173100

  • Material: HDPE

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Model: Em002

  • Trademark: SUNPLAST

  • Oprindelse: Zhejiang-provinsen

Produkt beskrivelse

     Produkt beskrivelse

--HDPE pipes  Introduction--

HDPE water supply pipe use PE100 or PE80  as raw materials, processing good flexibility, corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance and other characteristics, pipe and fittings can be employed melt socket connection,  Butt and fused connection,to insure the pipe system safety and reliability as well as low construction cost.
1) Material:PE100/PE80                                   2) Standard:GB/T9001-2000

3) Certification:ISO9001:2008                          4) Package:Nuded packing 

5) Connection:Butt fusion,socket joint ,electric connect

6) Farve: sort med blå stribe eller tilpasset

7) Trykværdi: 1,6 MPa, 1,25 MPa, 1,0 MPa, 0,8 MPa, 0,6 MPa

1) Non-toxic,No Leakage.                  5) Hygienic Safety

2) Smooth Surface                              6) Corrosion resistant.

3) Fremragende fleksibilitet 7) Genbrug og miljøvenlig

4) Easy Installation and Lower costs

--Product Specification--


1) Kommunalt vandforsyning, gasforsyning og landbrug mv.

2) Commercial Residential vandforsyning

3) Industrial liquids transportation

4) Sewage treatment

5) Food and chemical industry

7) Replacement of cement pipes and steel pipes

8) Argillaceous silt, mud transportation

9) Have grønne rør netværk
--Product Installation--

Hovedsagelig forbindelsesmåder
1)  Dn≤110mm,Use hot melt socket connection or fused connection
Dnâ ‰ 110mm, Brug butt fusion forbindelse eller smeltet connention

2)  Connection with metal pipe and metal fittings ,can connected by flange connection 

--Product Photos--

--Sales Service--

Packaging :roll plastic bag for pipe ,put fittings into nylon bags then out of carton

Forsendelse: For eksemplarbestilling understøtter vi overførsel af international express, såsom FEDEX, DHL, TNT eller EMS;
For final order,we do sea shipping ,our factory are near from shanghai port and ningbo port ,we can transfer goods to port within 6 hours 

Delivery : Within 15-30 days after receiving deposit

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