Pex-Al-Pex-rør med overlapning / lasersvejsning til vandforsyning

Basic Info
  • Material:PEX-Al-PEX

  • Størrelse: 1216, 1418, 1620, 2026, 2632

  • Color: white, red or yellow.

  • varemærke:SUNPLAST

  • Specification: CE/ISO

  • Origin:Zhejiang

  • HS Code:39172100

Produkt beskrivelse

PEX is very similar to polyethylene in appearance but, because of cross linking, is a thermoset material, it does not melt. It is highly flexible and easily coiled.

PEX er godkendt i alle nordamerikanske model VVS koder til varmt og koldt drikkevand distribution systemer.

The PEX-AL-PEX pipe also called MCLP pipe, includes five layers. Outer & inner layers are PEX, middle layer is aluminum, between PEX layer & aluminum is adhesive layer.

The PEX-AL-PEX pipe capitalizes on the corrosion and chemical resistance of plastic and the pressure capacity of metal by laminating the aluminum layer between layers of plastic. The resulting tubing is non-corroding, bendable for form stability, flexible, and resists most acids, salt solutions, alkalis, fats, and oils.

MLCP-rør (PEX-AL-PEX-rør eller PERT-AL-PERT) anvendes til bolig- og kommercielle VVS- og tryktjeneste på trykluft- og komprimerede gassystemer.

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