Firma Nyheder

Pex Pipe with Oxygen Barrier for Floor Heating/Hot Water (pex b pipe)



Basic Info

  • Materiale: Pex-B

  • Hardness:Hoses

  • Type:Thermoplastic Pipe

  • Color:Red,Orange,Blue,Black,White

  • Hollow:Hollow

  • Form: Rund

  • Usage:Floor Heating

  • Varemærke: Sunplast

  • Specifikation: ASTM

  • Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • HS-kode: 391739000

Produkt beskrivelse

Brug af kompositmaterialer:
Inner layer material is silicane crosslinked polyethylene which color is white, and has past through the drinking water standards, and green environment, has the capacity of heat-resistance for a long time and aging resistance with innocuity as well as corrosion resistance;
Outer layer mix with polyethylene, carbon black and oxidation inhibitor, has the excellent capacity of ultraviolet radiation resistance, compared with current common metal pipes, it is more heat-preservation and energy-saving. Therefore, it will be a new type of pipe with benefit to environmental protection.
Anti-UV Layer: The carbon black content should be no less than 2.5% in conformity with the national concerned stipulations.
Advantage: long service life, outdoor is 20 years, indoor is 50 years
1. Anti-ultraviolet
2. Green environment
3. Flexible,durable
4. Corrosion resistance
5. Excellent mechanical resistance
6. Unique chemical resistance
7. Very low friction coefficient
8. Fremragende slidstyrke
9. Very good resistance to heat
10. Fremragende lang levetid
11. Ingen langsgående knækdannelse eller andre spændingssprækker
12. Low creep
13. No stone sediments due to pipe smoothness
-Cool & Hot Water Pipe System
-Housing Gas Rør System
-Under floor heating System
-Solar Energi Aircondition Matchende Rør System
-Medicinsk, Foodstuff Chemical Industry Pipe System
-Hver rækkevidde arbejdstemperatur (-10C ~ 95C), høje tryk modstand
-30% more flow than metal pipe
-50 års arbejdsliv
-Non-corrosive, scale-free
-Hygiene, no oxygen permeability, no growth of Microorganism
-Non-inflammable, non-static
-Meget bøjning, men aldrig spring tilbage
-Lette i vægt, nem at bære og opbevare
-En få rørfittings anvender, sørg for ingen lækage
-Ekonomisk pris.